In a time where attention is harder and harder to get, it can no longer simply be bought. It has to be earned.

With more than 5000 impulses a day we life in a message overloaded time. If everyone is shouting to get attention, how does one choose? A lot of communication is downward crap and is a waste of money. But then, how do you truly earn attention?

We believe in humanizing brands; defy their character and truth. A brand needs to become human in order to relate to humans. Don’t wear your audience out with repetitive and uninspiring content, stand out of the crowd, make bold statements and tell relevant stories. Give before you take, it’s like any other relationship. Interested in how we can help you earn attention for your brand? Just give us a call.

Earned attention

Our founder Klaas published a book containing interviews of thought leaders in marketing, advertising and pop-culture, all debating the subject Earned Attention®.
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