Millions of Syrian children were forced by war and violence to leave everything behind and live in refugee camps. They try to build up a temporary existence in neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, in poor conditions. UNICEF helps these children by giving them the support they need.


Since 2011, millions of Syrian children have fled their homes because of the war and violence, leaving behind all their belongings.
A simple message wasn’t enough. For the target audience the latest symbol of modern communication is the emoji. Combined with well-known photographs of refugee childeren we created the strong emotional impact we needed.
To support UNICEF’s work in Syria and neighbouring countries, we created a campaign that turns a wide variety of emoji into emergency aid. By texting an emoji like a drop of water, a sleeping smiley or a campfire, you symbolically give a refugee child the aid it needs – giving a deeper meaning to the three euros you donate by texting. TV-commercials, digital outdoor ads, mobile bannering, print and non-spot advertising are used to create awareness amongst a broad target audience.