the Dutch cancer Society
The December festive season can be a tough period for cancer patients and their loved ones. That is why KWF (the Dutch Cancer Society) wants to show support to everyone who is touched by cancer with the campaign ‘Share a light’. Since 2016, a large heart has been created annually using thousands of lanterns that have been donated. The heart is exhibited in a different special location in the Netherlands each year. Each lantern lights up for someone who is being missed or anyone who can use some additional support.

How do we earn attention?
Since 2019 Energize is responsible for this campaign that activates the Dutch to light a lantern for someone they love. In this campaign, we use ‘Emotion’ to connect between the tough disease and the donation of a lantern. We also use ‘Inclusion’ to appeal to our sense of belonging in difficult times and fighting this disease together.
The netherlands shares a light
Earlier, the audience was activated in a functional and individual way using the phrase “For whom do you donate a lantern?” We decided to appeal to the emotion of the metaphorical value of donating a lantern. By donating a lantern you shine a light for a person who has come into contact with cancer. We catch this idea with: ‘Nederland geeft licht’ (‘The Netherlands gives light’).
A cross media campaign
To present this profound subject in a sympathetic yet impactful manner, we chose to use an animation style. This way we can symbolically show how Dutch people enlighten others who can use some extra support. To play into emotions the film is accompanied by a special edition of ‘Hold On To Tomorrow’ by hardstyle DJ Brennan Heart. This song has been composed in a unique collaboration with Metropole Orkest and singer-songwriter Christon.

In addition to previous years, we added a collective approach. We did this by showing groups of people in video content and on the website, like a soccer team or an office with colleagues supporting someone. Next to that, it has been made easier to donate a lantern together with others. In 2020 the digital field with lanterns had been even more important. When you walk around, surrounded by lanterns with personal stories, you can feel the support and love for people. Several closely involved celebrities, like Giel Beelen, Gijs Staverman, Kim Lammers, and Gordon, generated free publicity for this campaign.

By sharing your lantern with (groups of) friends, family, colleagues, and on social channels, you can increase the value of your lantern with additional (anonymous) gifts. All lanterns were gathered in a heart of light online and on the TV show on SBS6. The show of 2020 had been adjusted due to Covid-19 measures. 
With over 24.000 lanterns donated in 2019 and over 41.000 in 2020, the campaign has been a large and growing success.