Hoya vision care
HOYA is well-known by eye care professionals and optometrists, but relatively unknown to the public. Think or yourself; if you get glasses, you don’t specifically ask for HOYA. So, their stage is the small to medium independent optometrists’ shops ranging from Warsaw to Barcelona. Ideally, we also reach the consumers in a B2B campaign.
See more of life
HOYA specializes in producing lenses that are so thin and light that people hardly notice wearing them. The coatings, for example, are so strong that they hardly scratch at all. As a result, wearers can have an almost unlimited view of the world and literally look around 360º - without limitations. This insight was the springboard for creating the campaign ‘see more of life’ and the visual language - 360º photography – which in many ways resembles the shape of an eye. The visual language is also the basis of all other communications for HOYA which we use to let viewers experience the everyday beauty of the world around them.

Although the campaign only runs for a short period, the optometrists’ response to the soft launch is very positive, a new strategy and a fresh, surprising approach to the subject. The target group – mostly slightly conservative – view the campaign as something brave and challenging.