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Did you know brands bomb audiences with 5,000 content items a day? We believe this should stop. Brands should create not more, but less content. But how do you create content which is so great that you would share it?

That’s were Firestarter comes in. We create premium digital content based on a fixed monthly fee. Using our proven approach that earns attention.

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Three reasons to choose Firestarter

01. Certainty
Firestarter offers services based on a fixed time and fixed fee. No surprises.
02. Rock Solid
We offer a proven and contemporary approach to content marketing.
03. Great Value
Firestarter offers three pricing plans, saving up to 15% on a yearly basis.


We don’t believe a brand can simply start creating content. We believe you should think before you act. That’s why we use the Firestarter approach which is divided into four phases:

1. Gather (content strategy)
  • 2. Light (concept & formats)
  • 3. Fire (content production)
  • 4. Afterburn (measuring and optimising)

It takes a spark to light a fire

You can use SPARKS flexibly for different forms of content creation or concept formats. For example: social posts, blog posts, infographics, or testimonial videos.