BLG Wonen facilitates living for people without a permanent contract

In a new campaign, BLG Wonen responds to the trend of flexible employment contracts.

You hear it more and more often: people with temporary contracts, freelancers or the self-employed. It gives you freedom, but it also creates uncertainty. Many think they can’t buy a house because they don’t have a permanent employment contract. However, often a lot more is possible once mortgage providers see what you have to offer. To get this message across, BLG Wonen is launching a campaign that focuses on people who don’t have a permanent employment contract.

BLG Wonen takes this group of people’s fate to heart and doesn’t just look at the figures, but above all at their perspective. In the campaign, BLG Wonen demonstrates that they understand the target group and that it has a matching solution for practically every situation. For instance, it’s possible for somebody on a temporary contract to take out a mortgage with a declaration of intent. Temps are welcome with a declaration of perspective. And for the self-employed and entrepreneurs, there are options to take out a mortgage right from the first year of doing business.

Go to to find all the specific information that matches your situation. Customers also share their experiences with BLG Wonen and infomercials explain which conditions need to be met. Through tv and radio commercials, online advertising, social media and digital-out-of-home, BLG Wonen is pointing out the mortgage options that people without a permanent contract have.