BLG Wonen uses Instagram Stories to help first-time homebuyers

Energize has developed an online campaign for BLG Wonen that focuses on first-time homebuyers and their parents with the theme: ‘Sit down for a talk with your parents.’ In a series of short videos and teasers, three comedians show how and how not to have a conversation about money. We consequently use humour to break the taboo and show the possibilities. The campaign will be rolled out primarily online – a first for BLG Wonen – and adapted for Instagram Stories.

Energize developed the campaign in collaboration with three up-and-coming Dutch comedians – Anne Neuteboom (winner of the 2015 Camarretten Award), Tim Teunissen and Arjen Banach – and theatre director Remco Melles. A series of short videos demonstrate how you should or, shouldn’t have a conversation about money. We show you what options first-time homebuyers have in a very tongue-in-cheek way. To optimize reaching the first-time homebuyers target group, we opted to roll out the campaign on Instagram, first.

Sit down for a chat with your parents
A proper chat with your parents often occurs when you sit down at the table. But what’s the right way to bring up money during a conversation? It’s always a touchy topic. We want to inspire first-time homebuyers to sit down with their parents and start having this conversation about money. With the holidays, just ahead, there is also a good chance a lot of families will be gathered around the table. This makes it a very relevant time to kick off the conversation.

First-time homebuyers need a helping hand

It’s often not easy for first-time homebuyers to get a foot on the housing ladder. House prices continue to rise and mortgage interest rates are low. The housing market is consequently under pressure. More stringent regulations also make it more difficult for first-time buyers to obtain a mortgage. But first-time homebuyers have more possibilities than they might imagine, such as receiving help from their parents in the form of a gift or loan.

The objective of the campaign is to highlight that many parents want to help – but that you’ve just got to talk to them about it in the right way. Lending a helping hand with this suits BLG Wonen as they’re dedicated to being the Netherlands’ most professional and personal mortgage lender.

Discover more on BLG Wonen’s Instagram account or the website.