Energize created a storytelling website for the Mauritshuis in cooperation with ThisPage Amsterdam. Discover the story behind the world famous painting by Carel Fabritius: The Goldfinch.

The storytelling website for The Goldfinch is the first part of a series of online stories about masterpieces on display in the Mauritshuis. Stories worth sharing. This is in line with the strategy Energize developed for the Mauritshuis: to paint a picture of the Golden Age and thus introduce the stories behind known and lesser-known paintings to a large and international audience.
The world behind the painting
‘The Goldfinch’ by Carel Fabritius. The world behind this apparently small painting is much larger than you would suspect. It has inspired people and artists for centuries and still does to this day. The call of the Goldfinch inspired Composer Antonio Vivaldi to write Il Gardellino and the novel: ‘The Goldfinch’ written by Donna Tart is based on the painting. But there is so much more to discover. The many different places it has been. Where it has written history and still does. The website takes you on a bird’s eye view journey through the life of The Goldfinch, which unfolds before your eyes.

Masterpieces in the Mauritshuis.
The Mauritshuis in The Hague has a large number of masterpieces in its collection. The Girl with the Pearl Earring, for example, is part of the collection. We want to encourage people to pay a visit to the museum; therefore we’re showing which masterpieces can be seen in the Mauritshuis. By exposing the works in this manner to a large international audience – young and old – people get to discover the unexpected stories behind the paintings and become acquainted with the museum at the same time.