This year, we were in Cannes to see the most creative and effective work in the world. After four tremendous days, we concluded once again that ambition, guts and confidence are the starting point of meaningful work. We’re happy to share a small selection of inspiring campaigns that deserve our attention and leave us feeling energized.

Fortunately, brands are becoming more aware of having both the opportunity and the responsibility to provide meaningful work. If you, as an agency, have the ambition to contribute to this, you make modern-day campaigns. Something that’s much appreciated in Cannes.

Nike is a good example of award-winning campaigns in which they break with taboos in countries such as India, where it isn’t so self-evident that you stand up for yourself, and certainly not if you participate in sports.

Something else we’re enthusiastic about, are ideas that sprout from powerful and surprising insights. It doesn’t have to be huge, it could just as easily come down to the tiniest of details.

Great work surprises when it has never been done before, but it could have been because it’s simplicity. Ideas you know the client will definitely agree with, as it’s rock solid when it comes to marketing value. In this case we also found it very nice to see something funny and approachable among all those socially-involved campaigns. The Cannes jury also thought about this the same way and awarded the following campaign with three lions in the categories PR and Promo & Activation.
And finally, we think it’s important to mention that creative and effective work goes hand-in-hand with persistency. A clever idea isn’t realized just like that. Making original work requires confidence from both the agency as well as the client. Even more so in times when everything is measured and tested before it’s getting launched.
Every year, creativity is celebrated in Cannes. And each year, we see new campaigns that are even smarter, more innovating or more surprising. At Energize we also have that ambition. But, we can’t do it alone. We need everyone’s guts and confidence to realize great work. And when we succeed, we can all celebrate together. With a beer, for example. Cheers!