PLUS Supermarkets
PLUS Retail is a Dutch chain of supermarkets that represents “Goed eten. Daar houden we van.” (Good food. That’s what we love). Energize is responsible for building proof for this proposition in a fun and inspiring way, using content and activation campaigns on digital channels.

To expound what makes food so good, we share more in-depth stories within this theme year-round. We help the audience to make the right healthy choices and stick with them. We encourage them to enjoy the time of the year with delicious food. Furthermore, we have them understand where our food comes from and how it is produced. Or we inspire them to enjoy food in great company because food has the power to bring people close together. We proudly share some of our work for PLUS Supermarkets.
Good food is good for you
In the first month of the new year, we are (secretly) devoted to adopting a more healthy lifestyle. Which is often easier said than done. What about proteins, fatty acids, or carbs? You can get completely lost in terminology and (contradictory) advice.

In case it dazzles you, PLUS has come to the rescue. Sharing nutritious and delicious recipes, with competitively priced fruits and vegetables and useful information, like a fiber meter for bread and a clear explanation of the key nutrients on the packaging. With a series of online videos and a bowl of complex proteins and chopped vitamin C, we encourage the audience to get to know more about making healthy choices using your common sense and how PLUS offers help. 
Become a nature champ!
Unfortunately, kids tend to go outdoors less often. Even though it is good for their health and development. Because they spend more time in the digital world instead, they know less about plants and animals. In cooperation with forester Arjan Postma, PLUS wants to encourage kids to go outside and playfully learn about nature with the loyalty campaign ‘Outdoors in the Netherlands’.

Together with Oxford House, we have developed a series of online videos in which we show great excitement of exploring nature. We verbally use clues from the online gaming world to get the attention of kids. Kids unlock five new worlds that come to life using the 150 cards (Buitenkaartjes) and the PLUS Buiten app. Go on an adventure with PLUS and forester Arjan and become a real nature champ yourself.

To reach kids and their parents, videos are distributed on YouTube, streaming platforms like RTL, Talpa, and Ster, online gaming platforms, on social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok), and in POOH around the supermarkets, schools, amusement parks, and zoos. In the first 3 weeks, 4.6 million cards had already been handed out and over 435.000 cards were scanned in the app.
Eating well means eating together
2020 is the year we saw our family and friends less often and less unconstrained than we have ever wished for, due to Covid-19. So especially this year we yearn for an evening being reunited with our loved ones around a festively set table with great food. And, although it will be different for sure, with PLUS you’ll make it a great celebration anyhow.

In close collaboration with Wunderman Thompson Amsterdam, we have developed an integrated Christmas campaign. Bus driver Mo is the main character of the TV commercial. He brings all kinds of people to their families, friends, and neighbors on Christmas Day. In the digital campaign, stories are being told of bus drivers on their way to their special and unique Christmas event of 2020.

We inspire to celebrate Christmas safely, within the possibilities we have this strange year. With an intimate dinner at home, a window lunch, or a festive front-garden party with the neighbors. Because good food also means sharing food. Everybody has carefully prepared their corona-proof festive event using the inspiration on, by ordering online to have all groceries delivered in time, or maybe they needed some additional last-minute groceries to complete their get-together.