After a pitch among four agencies, De Persgroep will register its brand Nationale Vacaturebank with Energize.

In the search for a creative agency that can help Nationale Vacaturebank realise its ambition of being the perfect matchmaker between jobseekers and employers, the choice fell on Energize. The decisive reasons were the well thought-out strategy and the personal click between both teams.

Nationale Vacaturebank pulls out all the stops to find a suitable job
How do I find an appropriate vacancy? Where do I find a job that suits me? Is my resume correct? How much can I earn? Finding a job goes hand in hand with much uncertainty.

Nationale Vacaturebank removes this uncertainty. With a vast number of jobs on offer and excellent tools, they pull out all the stops to help you find a job. They understand the insecurity, allowing them to come up with concrete solutions such as Carrière Mentors (Career Mentors): personal aid supplied by real people who are always there for you – there is always at least one person online.

In the first campaign, Nationale Vacaturebank demonstrates that it’s the helpful authority when it comes to jobs. In a Q&A campaign, they anticipate on jobseekers’ insecurity. Questions that are straight from the heart. Nationale Vacaturebank’s solid answers demonstrate that they pull out all the stops to find the right job.

Jobseekers speak out
To enhance excitement during the campaign, the people asking questions are portrayed, but not entirely: just their eyes. The eyes with which they search, with which they read vacancies, eyes that reveal their insecurities. After all, when you contact someone, you always look them in the eye.

The first campaign with radio, print, social and banners has gone live: